Jai Bhim, Voice of voiceless

Jai Bhim’s impact on society

Surya, Manikandan, Lijomol Jose and Alli stars in the Thiru. Gnanavel directed film Jai Bhim. The core of the story was that happened in 1995 for Irular Tribe community. This Movie was released on Amazon prime OTT platform on 1st November 2021, from the day 1 there are so many reviews about the movie and many are against the movie. Jai Bhim has created significant impacts on society.

A small group of innocent tribes were living in Konamalai village. They are working for a local farmer who is village president. Tribes are eating an animals like rats, rabbits which they could hunt on the day. Police arrest a family of tribe for theft case and each of them brutally tortured.

Father and Daughter hunting scene from Jai Bhim.
Alli’s Hunting

Rajakannan’s wife Sengeni filed a case against police with help of High court advocate Chandru. How they ran and investigate the case, facing the problems along with the case, how they breech the fake evidences submitted by the police department. Finally Sengeni won the case and polices officers were sentenced for jail, these are well scene and well screenplay for Jai Bhim.

Hon. Justice Mr.Chandru
Honorable Justice Mr. Chandru

He is the real Jai Bhim and who filed the case in 1995 for Parvathi (Sengeni) – Habeas Corpus petition in High Court. After jai bhim released, most of the main stream media interviewed him. He said, the scenes are in the film is just sample, how tribes are being tortured by the police all the time. He explained more on his interview how the police officers are tried to create fake evidences. Police tries to give compensation for Parvathi and Lawyer Mr. Chandru on high court campus. There were so many critical situation created and he faced everything. He did not charge even 1 rupee for that case. He promoted as High Court Judge later on for his hard work and Honesty. Watch Here

Some of the cinema reviewers and caste fanatics gives negative comments for this movie, because it is speaks about the tribe and helpless people’s pain. Particularly one guys said, this movie has few unwanted scenes which is not related to the story. Baradwaj Rangan said, the girl Alli Kodi cried when police arrest her mother and the way police investigate them in lockup scenes are not necessary. Some of them said, to show the sympathies on tribes they degrade the other community and this movie created for commercial purpose only.

We can able to understand the pain of tribe from Manikandan, Mosa Kutty and Iruttapan interviews. Manikandan (Rajakannu) said, One sister was cried when I said the whole world will knows about all of you. Iruttapan said, first time I eat 3 times a day my life and felt better while works for this movie. We all are wasting the food while others could not afford a food for daily. What government officials are doing? They even do not treat them as their own country people. They are the aboriginal of the land or country. We all should protect them, treat them equal, give them freedom..

Speak in Tamil-slap for Hindi
Tamil vs Hindi

In social media, one particular scene became viral among Hindi speak people and South Indians. Specially one political party and their supporters it is need to remove from the movie. Those who support Tamil language and south Indians are celebrate this scene because Hindi over dominant on the other state. Union government force to practice Hindi in the government office and public places.

Prakash Raj acted as investigation officer IG Mr.Perumalsamy. He inquired pawn shop owner and asked him to tell the truth, the pawn shop owner spoke Hindi then police officer slapped him and asked talk in Tamil. The story was happened in 1995, how could he run his shop without knowing Tamil in a rural area. On the other hand it necessary to show our voice against Hindi.

There is a news or rumor circulating on social media that the girl got transfer certificate (TC) from her school. Actor Mr. Surya intervene and resolved the problem. Alli Kodi character is one of the most powerful supporting rule for her mother and the last scene. The way she sat on chair and read news paper and Surya encourage it at the last. That is what the expecting from us, that is what we need to do for them.

Jai Bhim
Alli Kodi
Alli kutty

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